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John Mark Watson: Becoming a Joyful Leader | Language of Leadership Podcast #025

John Mark Watson is Chief Operating Officer, BUNN Corporation & Author, Joyous Leadership.

Cindy Owyoung: Shaping Organizations with Diversity | Language of Leadership Podcast #024

Cindy Owyoung is Vice President at Robinhood & Author, All Are Welcome.

Anh Dao Pham: How to Become the Glue Holding Teams Together | Language of Leadership Podcast #023

Anh Dao Pham is Vice President, Product and Program Management at Edmunds.com & Author, Glued.

Brad Federman: Culture is the Missing Ingredient in Business | Language of Leadership Podcast #022

Brad Federman is the Chief Executive Officer of PerformancePoint LLC and author of 101 Ways to Foster Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less.

Martina Lauchengco: Designing Products that are LOVED | Language of Leadership Podcast #021

Martina Lauchengco is a Partner at Costanoa Ventures and Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) & Author, Loved.

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